Relax33SPA: Truly Awesome Massage Therapy in Taipei


Relax33SPA: Truly Awesome Massage Therapy in Taipei @東南亞投資報告

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I’ve had a lot of massages in my time, in a lot of places (Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, the US – you name it), and some of them were really good – great, even ­– but none of them was as quite good as the one I had recently at Relax 33. Seriously, it probably was the best spa treatment I’ve ever had in my life.

The place is the total package – killer massage, excellent service, and tasty snacks and tea afterwards. It’s located in a random-looking office building in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan, on the 11th floor, which – besides the things I just mentioned – also makes for lovely views of the city. Relax 33 occupies the entire floor, so when you get off the elevator, you’re quickly whisked into the reception area, the desk of which is neutral-toned, naturalistic and modern, and matches the décor of rest of the facility.

Relax33SPA: Truly Awesome Massage Therapy in Taipei @東南亞投資報告

A Spa Treatment Fitted to Your Needs

The first thing I noticed when I got to Relax 33 was how much attention to detail the staff pays. After choosing the massage you want (I got the 100-minute Classic Oriental Package, valued at NT$1780), you’re brought into an open lobby area that’s tastefully decorated and replete with comfy and stylish chairs and couches, and bathed in sunlight. There, you sit at one of the low café-type tables and are served tea while you fill out a form asking for further details about your massage (which parts of your body to focus on/avoid, any physical issues, the desired strength of the massage, etc.). The goal, apparently, is to tailor the massage specifically to your needs, and – based on my experience – it works fabulously. They even provide a basket to put your bag in while sitting there, so it doesn’t have to rest on the floor.

Relax33SPA: Truly Awesome Massage Therapy in Taipei @東南亞投資報告

An Herbal Foot Massage to Die For

After the check-in process, the actual massage begins. You’re led into a sparklingly clean, gently lit room with a massage bed, where you change into a set of comfortable massage clothes. Then you go back out to the foot-massage area, reclining in a plush leather chair and soaking your feet in a basin of warm water. Before that, however, the massage therapist asks which herbal powder you wanted added to the water – angelica dahurica, which dissipates coldness, or ginger powder, which warms and relaxes the body. After soaking your feet in herbs for a few minutes, the therapist then dumps sea salt into the water and rubs your feet a bit. That was just the intro to the main foot-massage event, however, as the masseuse soon dried off my feet and initiated a truly wondrous foot massage, using her surprisingly strong hands to knead, rub and stroke both every inch of my feet as well as my calves up to the knee, applying a judicious amount of lotion during the process. Needless to say, it was a deeply soothing experience ­– so much so that I almost passed out right there in my chair. It also helped that the masseuse spoke some English, so we were able to communicate effectively about the pressure, any discomfort I felt, etc.

Relax33SPA: Truly Awesome Massage Therapy in Taipei @東南亞投資報告

Traditional Taiwanese, Shiatsu & Aromatherapy Massage All in One!

The foot massage lasted 15 minutes or so, and afterwards steaming hot towels were laid over both my legs and feet for a while. Next, I was ushered back into the room with the massage bed, where the deeply relaxing body-massage work began. For much of the time, I lay on my back, while the therapist worked away with a kind of passion on almost every available muscle of my body. In fact, she used not only her hands, but also her elbows and forearms to intensely knead all the muscles of my back and spine as well as my shoulders, arms, neck and hands, even pulling and stretching my limbs while using her own body as a counterweight, a bit like what happens in a Thai massage. She also applied essential oils during the process, meaning that the spa treatment I got – the Classic Oriental Package ­– was a traditional Taiwanese massage, shiatsu massage and aromatherapy oil massage all rolled into one! It was as though the masseuse employed every tool at her disposal to bring comfort to my aching body, and I was continually amazed that she knew so many different techniques and was able to execute them so skillfully.

Relax33SPA: Truly Awesome Massage Therapy in Taipei @東南亞投資報告

That portion of the massage lasted for a while – unfortunately, nothing lasts forever – and then, as I was all blissed out and on the brink of falling asleep again, I was told to turn over, and the therapist continued working away on my chest, shoulders, neck and head, but for a shorter amount of time. At the beginning of the head massage, she lay a comfortingly warm towel over my face, and later, she banged the relevant portions of my body with the side of her hands, signaling the end of the massage. I was left in a semi-delirious, relaxed heap on the table, marveling at both the professionalism and skill of my masseuse and muttering words of thanks.

Snack Time! Tea, Pie & a lot More

But that’s not where this fantastic spa treatment ended. After putting my regular clothes back on, I was led back into the room where I’d started, sitting at the same low table on the comfy sofa-chair like before, but this time I was given a menu featuring a choice of tea/coffee and pie. I went with the walnut pie and herbal tea, which turned out to be spot-on decision. The pie was firm yet delicate, and totally scrumptious, while the tea seemed to sooth my nerves after being so rudely thrust back into the normal, waking, non-massaging world. Surprisingly, the pie and tea weren’t the only food and drink available to me. I could also choose anything from the table before me heaped with a wide variety of cookies and crackers, as well as essential oils and sea salts for sale, and take as much bottled water, yogurt and pudding I wanted from the small fridge nearby, all of which was included in the treatment!

Relax33SPA: Truly Awesome Massage Therapy in Taipei @東南亞投資報告

That’s one reason I can confidently say that Relax 33 is a great choice for anyone looking for a thorough spa treatment experience. Sure, you can compare the cost of their service with a normal, run-of-the-mill massage parlor, but like they say, “You get what you pay for”, and at Relax 33, you get plenty – attention to detail; a well-trained, highly professional therapist; a mind-blowing massage; and pie, tea and all-you-can eat cookies. Not too shabby!

Your Body Deserves a Spa Like This

Relax33SPA: Truly Awesome Massage Therapy in Taipei @東南亞投資報告

If you’re in Taipei, Relax 33 is a spa near you that offers more than just the Classic Oriental Package I got (although you can’t go wrong with that one), including a Relaxation Foot Massage, Relaxation Aromatherapy Package and more. To see the full selection of massage options, check out their website at You can make an appointment on the web or by calling 02-2531-2333, or you can just show up


– they take walk-ins. Trust me, if you have the time, you deserve a spa treatment like this – it’s good for the body, good for the mind, and good for the taste buds!


Editor by Christopher Heise

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